FAQs: Can You Prepay for Parking at Port Canaveral?

FAQs: Can You Prepay For Parking at Port Canaveral?

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If you’re looking to enjoy a Port Canaveral cruise soon, then you’re also probably checking out your Port Canaveral cruise parking options while you plan!

When planning a vacation, the more things that you can book in advance the better. Not only are you guaranteed spots (at restaurants, on tours, etc.), you can also often save money with careful planning.

So, you’re probably wondering if your Port Canaveral parking options also include the ability to reserve ahead or if they require same day reservations. And the answer depends on where you’re looking.

The Short Answer:

You can’t prepay for parking for the Port Canaveral cruise terminals. You can only get parking once you arrive at the cruise terminal entrance. However, you can prepay and reserve your secure parking option ahead of time at many off-site cruise parking lots, like Port Canaveral Parking. If prepaid options are important to you, don’t look for parking at the cruise port!

Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal Parking Lots

We’re one of the busiest cruise ports in the world. So, it makes sense that the cruise terminals would have spots that you could pay for ahead of time.

However, in November of 2017, the Canaveral Port Authority announced that they would be discontinuing prepaid cruisetime parking. And in 2022, that is still the case.

Now, cruise passengers must pay via a number of major credit cards at the terminal entrance welcome booth when they arrive to sail. Each of the Port Canaveral terminals is the same way. So whether you’re heading to the B Terminals or A Terminals, you’ll be paying a daily parking fee of $17.00.

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Some of the biggest cruise ships are now homeporting here, including megaresort ships from MSC cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian cruise line. You might be wondering if Cape Canaveral, with all of these big cruise lines, has the capacity to park all of their guests.

Truthfully? No. The biggest parking facility can hold about 1,700 cars. The smallest parking lot holds less than 1,000. Some days, we have to rely on off-site Port Canaveral cruise parking to make sure everyone has a space.

And the worst part? That $17.00 per day price tag is subject to change without notice, according to the Port Canaveral cruise ship website. A reservation system for onsite parking would help people know, for certain, their rate.

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Free Parking at the Cruise Port

When you park Port Canaveral, it isn’t all bad. Free cruise parking is available at all cruise lines for disabled passengers and Florida disabled veterans. Port Canaveral waives the fee for vehicles with the following:

  • Special equipment for use by a disabled person.

  • Florida Toll Exemption Permit.

  • Florida Disabled Veteran (DV) license plate.

Getting Prepaid Parking & Covered Parking

For those who like to plan ahead for their cruise vacation – don’t worry. There is a cruise parking option that lets you pay in advance, locking in great parking deals without even going to the cruise terminal. Off-site parking almost always gives you the option to pay in advance.

Choosing the Best Parking

At Port Canaveral Parking, we offer offsite parking that is easy, secure, and close to the cruise port. And our prices are way lower than the terminal.

With a free shuttle service to every cruise line: Disney cruise line, RCI, Norwegian, Carnival, and MSC. You can enjoy a short shuttle ride and arrive right at the ship with all of your luggage. We also start and end your vacation with excellent service and super easy parking. And of course, our shuttle buses will be waiting outside the ship to bring you back to the parking lot after you disembark.

By letting you reserve ahead of time, you are guaranteed a parking spot even on the busiest days. You can also plan ahead and lock in low rates and special deals. Our parking packages even include covered parking as an option, so you won’t miss out if you prefer covered spaces.

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All ready to set sail but have no place to park? Don’t worry – we’ve got the perfect parking spot for you! Use our easy, online booking to reserve your off-site cruise parking spot today at Port Canaveral Parking! Get on-site service at off-site prices, with better rates and service than you’ve ever seen. The best vacations start here – with a company that treats you like family!

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