Guide to Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal Parking

The Traveler's Guide to
Port Canaveral Cruise terminal parking

Port Canaveral is a popular spot. Cape Canaveral is home to the Kennedy Space Center and beautiful beaches, and it takes second place in the list of busiest cruise ports

Did you know? After the Port of Miami, we see more cruise passengers than anywhere else in the whole world (over 4 million every year)!

But being one of the busiest ports also means that we need some place to put all of those traveling cars throughout the year. 

That’s where our local Port Canaveral cruise parking facilities come in.

At Port Canaveral Parking, we offer the best in off-site parking for parties hoping to save while they sail. With secure parking and complimentary shuttles for your cruise vacation, it’s easy to save money while getting the best off-site cruise parking.

But what about on-site options? Today we’re going to be going over the pros and cons of parking at the cruise ship terminal in our guide to on-site parking at Port Canaveral.

Navigating Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals

Our six cruise terminals are 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 10. Cruise Terminal A is home to terminals 5, 6, 8, and 10, while 1 and 3 are located in Cruise Terminal B. The split can be a little confusing for travelers, especially if you can’t remember where the cruise lines are docking at.

Cruise Terminal B is where you can also go for a bite to eat, to see the port at the Exploration Tower, or check out CT-3, our brand-new multi-million dollar spot for the largest ships. Terminal A is less exciting, but it hosts more ships as well as the cargo piers.

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Official Port Canaveral Parking

Every cruise terminal has it’s own official parking facility (although some terminals share parking spots). The port runs these locations, which include covered garage parking as well as uncovered parking lots located near the terminal entrance.

The parking spots are first-come, first-served, meaning there’s no reservations and no pre-pay. You can also splurge and pay a little extra for “preferred parking”, which some terminals offer for those who want to park even closer to the ship.

While convenient, we do have some bad news: it’s $17.00 per day for the basic parking at the port. That means that for a four-night cruise, you’ll be paying $85 in parking fees alone.

Here’s a short breakdown of the pros and cons of on-site port parking.

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Pros of parking at the ship

  • Spots are right at the ship. It’s true, you wouldn’t be able to park closer to the ship unless they let you bring your car on the boat.
  • Many say it’s more convenient. When you embark and disembark, you never have to worry about getting to your car.
  • It’s pretty easy. Unlike other parking facilities, you only get one option. You won’t have to choose between locations. At the port, you get what you get.
  • The port terminals offer free cruise parking for vehicles that need parking options for disabled passengers with special equipment, for those with a Florida Toll Exemption Permit, and for those who have a Florida Disabled Veteran license plate. However, this is the only free parking option from the Canaveral Port Authority. 

Cons of Parking at the Cruise Port

  • Being next to the cruise ships is great – but the covered parking lot is not just a short walk from the ship. There’s no free shuttle service, so you’ll be toting your stuff from the luggage drop-off on debarkation day.
  • There are no reservations. If the cruise parking lots are full for your cruise line, you’ll have to find other arrangements.
  • Prices are subject to change, according to the website for the Port Canaveral terminals. While the base price is $17 per day, you may end up paying even more for your cruise parking.
  • Traffic can be terrible, congested, and complicated for visitors. If you’re driving yourself, be prepared for wrong turns and sitting in Port Canaveral traffic.

Alternate Port Canaveral Parking options

When it comes to finding places to park, Port Canaveral has other parking deals for your cruise adventure.

We always recommend that parties park off-site. Not only do you get access to free shuttles that drop you off right at the cruise port, many places (like Port Canaveral Parking) offer security and top-notch customer service that doesn’t come with a sky-high price tag.

All of our cruise packages for parking involve no transportation fees (your shuttle ride is complimentary!) and parking rates that are nearly half of the terminal parking.

We go to all Port Canaveral cruise lines, including Disney, Royal Caribbean International, MSC Cruises, Norwegian, and Carnival. Make same-day reservations or plan months ahead to guarantee your Port Canaveral parking spot!

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Port Canaveral Hotel Cruise PArking

If you’re staying in Cocoa Beach, there are some locations that offer Port Canaveral cruise parking. The Holiday Inn Express, Country Inn, Radisson Resort, and other hotels will let you leave your vehicle during your vacation.

However, these packages are often much more expensive than leaving your car at a cruisetime parking facility. If you’re cruising on a budget or want to save up for some souvenirs, hotel parking is NOT the way to go.

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