Flying In? Find an Airport Near Port Canaveral

Flying in for your cruise:
Every Airport near Port Canaveral

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If you don’t live in Florida, you can either take a very long road trip to get to your Port Canaveral cruise, or you can hop on a plane to start your vacation. Catching a flight to your cruise can be a big time-saver for families and friends, so it’s no wonder that some people choose to fly instead of drive.

As the local cruising experts of Port Canaveral, we know a thing or two about flying into the area. That’s why this month we want to share a little bit about every airport near Port Canaveral, designed to help out travelers who aren’t as familiar with the area.

Let’s take a look at the three biggest airports nearby, the perks of each, and which one could be the best for your next trip to Port Canaveral.

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orlando international airport (MCO)

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is the go-to choice for many flying in and out of Orlando. And it’s pretty easy to see why. Not only is it the airport with the most flights, airline options, and destinations, but Orlando International Airport also has some of the best airport amenities. There are a ton of dining and retail options available throughout the airport.

If you’re cruising out of Port Canaveral, you can expect the drive to take approximately 45 minutes on the highway directly from MCO. It’s the shortest drive out of any of the airports. We recommend Orlando International for any groups who want to sightsee in Orlando or spend time at Disney World or Universal Studios

  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Distance from Cruises: 45 miles
  • Travel Time: 40-45 minutes
  • Annual Passengers: Over 50 million
  • Pros: Sightseeing opportunities, close to major local attractions, easiest trip, access to a variety of airlines and destinations
  • Cons: Can be busy and crowded, potentially expensive flights, long lines at baggage and security
  • Major Airlines: Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, Silver Airways, and more
  • Destinations: 135 Domestic & International
orlando international airport mco at sunset
MCO is one of the most popular destinations for Florida flights.

Sanford International airport (SFB)

Sanford International Airport (SFB) is further from the port and major Orlando attractions, but it is still a popular airport for those visiting central Florida. For cruise passengers, SFB airport is a tempting choice due to its cheap flights. Though it serves fewer cities across the country, it still caters to over 3 million passengers every year, and they also have international flights.

However, watch out for transportation costs. A rental car costs the same as it would at Orlando, but one-way or round-trip taxis and shuttles will be significantly more due to the distance from the cruise ships.

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  • Location: Sanford, FL
  • Distance from Cruises: 59 miles
  • Travel Time: 60-65 minutes
  • Annual Passengers: Over 3 million
  • Pros: Great rates for flights, fewer crowds, nice accommodations and amenities
  • Cons: Far from Orlando attractions, furthest from the cruise terminals, expensive transportation costs
  • Major Airlines: Allegiant Airlines, Flair Airlines, Surinam Airways, and Swoop
  • Destinations: Over 80 Domestic & International

Melbourne Orlando International Airport (MLB)

Despite being the closest to Port Canaveral’s cruise terminals, Melbourne Orlando International Airport (MLB) is a slightly longer travel time than Orlando MCO. However, those traveling from MLB will appreciate the beautiful coastal views along the scenic route to their ship. In addition, Melbourne’s airport is the smallest of the three options, meaning that it is definitely faster and less crowded than MCO or SFB.

If you have a little extra time and want to save a bit of money and hassle, Melbourne International might be the way to go for local travelers!

  • Location: Melbourne, FL
  • Distance from Cruises: 27 miles
  • Travel Time: 45-50 minutes
  • Annual Passengers: Over 400,000
  • Pros: Good for charter flights, beautiful coastal route to Port Canaveral, least busy airport
  • Cons: Fewer destinations, more local traffic, limited airline options for passengers
  • Major Airlines: Allegiant Airlines, American Airlines, Elite Airways, Delta, and TUI
  • Destinations: Over 15 Domestic & International
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